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How long does a single treatment of eyelash extension usually last?
Though there are variations among individuals, it lasts from two to seven weeks.
Extensions will decrease gradually as your own eyelashes fall off due to hair cycle.
Yes, we can. We repair your extensions regardless of where you applied extensions before,
  at our salon or other salons.
How many extensions will eliminate the need for mascaras?
100 pcs to 120 pcs or more, though it varies depends on individuals. Please ask about it at
  the counseling before the treatment.
Can you apply extensions to where no eyelashes grow?
No, it cannot be, because extensions are applied to eyelashes.
I have the impression that extensions are for young people.
There are many customers in their 50s, 60s, or over.
Does the treatment by any chance hurt eyes and skin?
No, it does not hurt your skin and eyes, because we apply extensions to your eyelashes
  with gaps of about 1.5 mm from your skin.
Is it OK to use mascaras?
Yes, you can, as long as it is not water-proof mascara.
  Mascaras that can be cleansed easily with hot water is preferable.
  To facilitate the cleansing, apply mascara from the middle to the end of extensions and avoid
  applying to the base part.
Are there anything I should care about?

■Oil cleansing is not preferable.
■Followings are also not preferable to make your extensions last longer: rubbing your extensions in the lateral direction; and sleeping with your face down or side down.
May I use an eyelash curler?
We recommend not to use it.
  An eyelash curler grips attachment portions of extensions, causing the base portions of
  extensions to be separated from eyelashes and to fall off.
  Hot eyelash curler (comb type only) may be used only for a short time.
Is the glue used in treatment safe for eyes?
We use medical-grade glue that is made in Japan and is less irritating to skin.
  The glue does not enter your eyes since you will close your eyes during treatment and we will
  take gaps of about 1.5 mm at the base portion of eyelashes from your skins.
  Please be assured.
What is patch testing?
Patch testing is a process used to detect whether you have allergic reaction to treatment by
  applying four or five extensions respectively for both eyes.
  Some people have allergic reaction in a week or so after treatment, so we recommend you to
  observe your eyelashes about a week.
  Though it is infrequent, you may have allergy reaction when you are ill-conditioned or your
  immunity is degraded.