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Flow of Service

Please call us to make reservation. The customer who has reservation is prioritized. Please call us for the same-day reservation.


If you would like to cancel or change your reservation, please call us until at least a day before.
To bridal customers: We recommend you to take a first treatment or a patch test until at least 3 weeks before a wedding day. Please feel free to contact us for having your precious wedding without any worries.

To begin with, we will inquire after your physical condition and skin condition of the day of the reservation and allergies.
Please ask us for patch testing if you worry about allergies, sensitive skin, and hay fever.
We will sincerely ask you about your way of eye makeup, any worries, and a desired image.
We will check the features of your face, the shape of your eyes, and the flow of your eyelashes for offering you a customized design.
Pictures of your desired image are very welcomed.
The counseling takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

Treatment is performed with your eyes closed. First, lower eyelashes and eyelids are covered with tape.
We use tape for medical use which is safe even for the customers with sensitive skin.

Cleansing is then performed carefully for wipe off dusts and oil on the eyelashes.

Extensions are attached one by one carefully. It is no problem for you to sleep during the treatment.
After drying with cool air, we will ask you to open your eyes gently.

After you check the quality of treated extensions, we will instruct you how to care the extensions, such as the way of facial wash and makeup. We will also offer you tips to make extensions last longer.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or worries after the treatment date. We will responsibly respond to your inquiry.

●Please do not wash your face for 6 hours after treatment. Therefore, please make your reservation and have a treatment considering that you cannot wash your face for 6 hours after the treatment.

●Please avoid the use of an eyelash curler by any chance on the day of the treatment, because extensions may not be attached properly.

●Please wear no mascara. (If you do so on the day of the treatment, we might ask you to wash it off by yourself at our salon depending on congestion condition.)

●We are afraid the customers in following conditions cannot receive a treatment:
currently suffering from any type of eye disease or skin problems around eyes including a sty, a pinkeye, a bloodshot eye, and a swollen eyelid;
recently had an operation to put folds in eyelids;
took a tattoo eyeliner within a month; or
recommended by a doctor not to have eyelash extension.