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What is Eyelash Extensions?

The eyelash extensions are new items being alternative to mascaras.
The eyelash extensions make your eyelashes longer and thicker by carefully attaching one artificial hair to one eyelash using a glue specialized in eyelash extensions. Even short or less eyelashes can be changed to attractive eyelashes, eliminating your worries for your eyelashes.

The eyelash extension is a popular beauty treatment that can offer you natural eyelashes with its attachment part hardly conspicuous unlike false eyelashes, and has been used by people in various ages from 20's to 70's.

Natural attraction without eye makeup

You can choose length, types of curl, thickness, and design depending on your ideal image such as bright eyes, or elegant eyes with beautiful downward look.

Eyelash extensions are more natural than makeup, so you can obtain natural look as if your own eyelashes grew. Eyelash extensions are free from worries for getting stains due to mascaras fallen off around your eyes, and offer you clearly-outlined bright eyes as if you are wearing eyeliner.

Sustainable beauty with easy care

The impressive look of your pretty eyelash and eyes will last from morning to night through a day. With the eyelash extension, you can save time for make up in the morning and keep your attractive eyes all day long.
Eyelash extension is waterproof, so you can enjoy a spa and the like.

We respond to your various requests and problems

To achieve your ideal eyelashes, we have more than 100 kinds of extensions. We can offer you ideal eyelashes just as you desired, from natural ones to gorgeous ones, by combining the various kinds of extensions. Every time before treatment, we offer you attentive counseling to perform treatment with the design you are satisfied with.